Reconstructing The Village

Jasmin Lance


Our cities are rapidly expanding and with it the demand for inner city living. Current apartment buildings are targeted at individuals and couples, designed as transitions spaces rather than forever homes. But as our cities sprawl further into low-density, mono-functional and usually car-dependent communities, families are turning to urban apartment buildings as their preferred mode of living, but falling short of finding a forever home.

So what does a family orientated apartment building look like? What is an urban family? How do they live, work and play in an urban environment and what does this mean for the future of apartment buildings?


Over the last few decades we have seen a decline in community. Our busy lives are driven by our consumerist desires, leaving little time and energy for wider societal networks. But groups of people are emerging who understand the benefits of community. They desire it. The extended family. The village. 

Our urban environment is changing, and as a result, the way in which we design housing needs to be reassessed. Considering more than simply providing a home, but the infrastructure needed to support the community. Housing that provides more than just shelter, nurturing the social setting in which lives may flourish. 

The vertical playground









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